Motor Vehicle FAQs


"I need to renew the tags on my vehicle. What do I need to bring with me?"
You will need to bring the previous year’s registration (or a copy of the original) and your Kentucky Proof of Insurance.
"What if I don't have my registration?"
A copy of your registration can be printed for you at the cost of $3.00, per registration
"The last time I renewed my tags, I wasn't asked for proof of insurance. Why?"
Until your plate number is entered into our system, it is unclear whether or not a copy of your insurance will be required. Should the system prompt for proof of insurance, at that time, you will need to provide the following information:

  • VIN number
  • NAIC number
  • An effective date within the last 45 days
"What options do I have to renew my vehicle?"
Your vehicle can be renewed in office, online, by phone, or by mail. “Can someone else renew my vehicle for me?” Yes, as long as they have one or more of the following:

  • Paper copy of insurance on vehicle(s)
  • Registration or registration copy
  • Plate number
  • VIN number

Vehicle Registration & Renewal

"How can I obtain a handicap placard?"
You will need to complete the   Application for Disabled Persons Special Parking Permit (TC 96-204), and have it signed by a doctor. The signature of the intended user is also required, and will need to be notarized. (see example)
"How long will the placard be active?"
Once a doctor’s signature has been obtained, the placard will not expire for 6 years. After the initial issuance, the doctor’s signature is effective for two more renewals. After six years have passed, another doctor’s signature is required. Can someone pick up a placard if it is not for them?” Yes, only if the application is signed and the applicant’s signature has been notarized, or Power of Attorney will suffice as long as a copy is provided with the application. If the applicant is unable to come inside the office, a clerk can go out to the vehicle to notarize the signature. I have a disabled parking plate. Can I have a placard as well?” Yes, one placard may be issued with a handicap plate. 

Selling Your Vehicle

"I am selling my car. What do I need to do?"
You must sign the back of the title for the vehicle: left-hand side, top, and bottom in the designated areas for Transferor. Your signature must also be notarized. The odometer reading and sell price must be recorded as well. What if I’ve lost my title? What should I do?” Apply for a duplicate title. This can be done in-office or by mail by filling out a Vehicle Transfer Form (TC96-182), with your signature notarized. The cost of a duplicate title is $6.00. How long will it take to receive a duplicate title?” You will receive the duplicate title in 4-5 business days. I have signed the title of my vehicle over to the buyer, but the vehicle is still registered in my name. What should I do?” Although you signed the title over to the new owner, the vehicle will still be registered to you until the buyer completes the transfer at his/her County Clerk’s Office. However, the buyer has up to 15 days to transfer the vehicle to their name. After the 15 days have passed, contact the County Clerk’s Office to check the status of the transfer. If the vehicle is still in your name, you will need to visit your County Clerk’s office to file an Incomplete Transfer. To be sure the transfer is completed, it is always best to accompany the buyer to the County Clerk’s Office and witness the transfer. ***PLEASE USE ONLY BLACK INK WHEN WRITING/SIGNING AREAS ON THE BACK OF A TITLE.
"Transferring an Out-Of-State Vehicle"
If I decide to go out of state and buy a vehicle, what do I need to register this vehicle in Kentucky?” To register the vehicle in Kentucky, the title must be signed by the seller(s), and their signature(s) notarized. If you are buying from a Notary State, you will also need to take a VTR (TC96-182) and have it signed by the seller(s) and notarized as well.
"Can I apply for a temporary tag to transport my Out-of-State vehicle into Kentucky?"
Our County Clerk’s Office does not issue temporary tags to transport vehicles to or from other states. You will need to make prior arrangements with the seller to use their plate, or haul the vehicle. You may also contact the State DMV where the vehicle is being purchased and inquire about a Transit Tag.
"Will I need to have the vehicle inspected once I return to Kentucky?"
Yes. You will take the title, a VTR (TC96-182), and the vehicle to the Sheriff’s Office to complete the inspection. Please visit the County Clerk’s Office if you need assistance with the VTR.
"What will the inspection consist of?"
During the inspection, the VIN number and mileage will be compared to what is listed on the title and recorded on the VTR. A $5.00 fee will be collected.
"Will I need proof of insurance to transfer my vehicle?"
Yes, a paper copy of your Kentucky Proof of Insurance will be required upon transfer.
"Once I have my completed title, inspection, and my Kentucky Proof of Insurance, what is my next step?"
Bring all of the above listed to your County Clerk’s Office, along with a photo ID. If all documents are completed properly, the vehicle can then be titled and tagged in your name.
"Once the transfer is complete, when will I receive my title?"
You will receive your title in 4-6 weeks. A speed title can be ordered for an additional fee of $25.00 should you need the title sooner then the 4-6 weeks. A speed title will arrive in 3-5 days.

Transferring to Kentucky Residence

"I have moved to Kentucky from another state. What do I need in order to register my vehicle(s)?"
To register your vehicle(s) in Kentucky, you will need the title(s) from the previous state, a paper copy of your Kentucky Proof of Insurance, a Vehicle Transfer Form (TC96-182), and an inspection from the Sheriff’s Office.
"What kind of taxes should I expect to be assessed upon my first-time registration in Kentucky?"
Kentucky assesses a 6% sales (USAGE) tax on personal property.
If you have paid less than 6% in your former state of residence, you will be given credit for the percentage paid, and charged for the difference, up to 6%.
If you have paid 6% or more in your former state of residence, no additional sales (USAGE) tax will be assessed. How will I know when the requested title has arrived at the Clerk’s Office?” Once the title has been requested from the lien holder, check back within 2 weeks to see if it has been received.I recently resided in a Title Holding state and my lien holder has my title(s). What should I do?” The following information will be obtained from you at the Clerk’s Office in order to request your title from the lien holder:

  • Name of lien holder
  • Fax number of lien holder
  • The account number
  • Year, make, model and VIN number of the vehicle

This request can be made in person or by phone. My tags are expired.

"What can I do while waiting for my title to be delivered?"

If your tags are expired at the time of request, or the tags have expired before the title has been delivered to the Clerk’s Office, you may be issued one temporary tag, per vehicle, as long as the vehicle is covered under Kentucky Insurance. 

"What steps do I need to take to obtain a personalized plate?"
Beginning July 17, 2017, all requests for personalized license plates must be submitted to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Department of Vehicle Regulation, Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing through the website.

  • On the Drive.KY.Gov website, please click the Vehicle Services drop-down menu at the top of the home page, and then click on the License Plate link
  • You will be guided through an online search to ensure the desired plate is available
  • If the desired plate is available, you will then complete an online request form
  • Every request will be reviewed by a Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing committee to ensure full compliance with state law
  • You will be notified of the Committee’s decision by mail or e-mail within 30 days
    • Approved requests will receive a pre-approval form that should be brought to our office for submission with the official application form
      • We will then notify you when your new license plate is ready for pick-up
    • Denied requests will receive notification by mail or e-mail, including explanation of the appeals process


"What paperwork do I need to transfer a boat?"

You will need to provide a completed Boat Transaction Record (BTR) along with the title signed and notarized in all the required areas.

*IF THE BOAT HAS THE MOST CURRENT VERSION OF A KENTUCKY TITLE, A BTR WILL NOT BE REQUIRED*A bought a boat out of state, but that state does not require a title. What do I do?” Although a title was not provided, a registration card is required in order to transfer the boat.  If there is not a place foe the seller to sign the registration card, then a notarized Bill of Sale will be required, OR, a notarized and completed BTR.The boat I purchased has never been titled or registered, what should I do?”] In order to title and register the boat the seller will have to provide proof of owning that boat for at least  years, having his/her signature notarized on an affidavit stating the length of the time owed, the year, HIN, make and model of the boat, along with a completed BTR.

"How can I apply for a HIN number for my boat?"
Homemade boats are the only type of boats that can apply for a HIN and this process must be completed in-office.

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