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To Complete Registration Renewals by Drop-Off:

  • Place the renewal notice OR last year’s registration, current proof of insurance, and check or cash in an envelope and drop in the slot located on the motor vehicle entrance door. If needed, envelopes are provided on the table adjacent to the Motor Vehicle door.

Please provide a current and correct phone number and mailing address! Transactions will be processed and mailed back to you the same day.

If there are any questions regarding the amount due, please call 502-863-7875.

To Complete Registration Renewals Online Visit: drive.ky.gov

To Complete Registration Renewals by Call-In Method Call:

502-863-7875 OR 502-863-7911.

*Please note there is a 2.75% vendor’s fee applied to the total transaction when using a debit or credit card for payment.

To Complete Registration Renewals by Mail:

Follow the same procedure as described for drop off and send to:
101 East Main Street Georgetown KY 40324

*Please note, as a customer service all return postage fees will be waived until further notice.

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